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Optimise mission-critical
Excel spreadsheets

What is Schematiq?

Schematiq’s cloud platform solves challenges around the performance, accuracy, integration, and control of critical spreadsheets used across your organisation. 

Extract valuable logic from spreadsheets 

Leverage Schematiq's capabilities to enhance and extract business logic from spreadsheets, seamlessly integrating with strategic systems through cloud-deployed APIs. 

High performance and scalability

Schematiq redefines spreadsheet boundaries through its performance and scalability, empowering organisations to effortlessly handle vast amounts of data and complex operations in Excel with unparalleled efficiency and speed. 

Move Beyond Excel

Extract and translate proven Excel logic into code to power browser-based applications, improving the user experience and reducing operational risk .

What can Schematiq do for you?



Lines of VBA removed from a single model

20 min

80 ms

Reduction in quote time with API-based approach 



Rows reduced in an insurance pricing model 

3-4 days

1-2 hours

Reduction in reconciliation processing

The sectors we transform

London City


Financial Services

Schematiq strengthens vital spreadsheet-based processes including risk, modelling, and finance, and improves regulatory reporting. It also promotes the sharing of proven Excel logic across teams and geographies.



With extensive experience in the energy sector, Schematiq's platform enhances pricing, improves insights, and reduces operational risk by integrating complex models with strategic systems and data sources.



Schematiq's platform enables insurers to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions, transforming underwriting and pricing through enhanced data analysis and the conversion of Excel logic into APIs.

Use Cases

Discover Schematiq use cases across our different industries.

Hear from our customers

Business Consultation

We help our clients to

  • Innovate

  • Make better decisions, reduce time to market 

  • Reduce operational risk 

  • Scale, accelerate and simplify models 

  • Improve accuracy, visibility and control 

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