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Financial Services

"Building a data-centric, advanced risk assessment model took less than a day in Schematiq, a task that would have required months to accomplish in traditional coding."


How does Schematiq help financial services?

Within the financial services sector, Schematiq strengthens vital spreadsheet-based processes including risk, modelling, and finance, and improves regulatory reporting. It also promotes the sharing of logic across teams and geographies.

Our platform capabilities

Schematiq brings extensive experience in supporting mission-critical processes for financial services firms, where spreadsheets play a vital role in areas such as risk management, financial modelling, scenario analysis, and finance operations. We understand the unique challenges faced by the industry and provide tailored solutions to address them head-on. 


Our platform ensures regulatory compliance, offering auditability and seamless reporting capabilities, enabling firms to navigate complex regulatory landscapes with ease. Schematiq facilitates the sharing of logic across departments, teams, and even countries, fostering collaboration and unlocking the full potential of expertise within the organization. 

Experience the power of Schematiq's Excel model solutions and elevate your financial services firm to new heights of efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. Discover the future of financial excellence today. 

Case studies

Discover how our expertise in the Financial Services sector, combined with our innovative platform, can revolutionize your spreadsheet-based processes, enhance regulatory reporting, and facilitate cross-functional logic sharing.

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