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Schematiq Partner Program

Delivering client success  with global system integrators, industry platforms and cloud data technologies​

Why Partner With Us

Schematiq works with partners globally to liberate business logic, expose information to the enterprise and create linked, and well-controlled business ecosystems. As a partner, you gain a tool to immediately accelerate digital transformation reducing costs and time for your clients.​

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Deliver Efficiently​

Don’t  re-write logic that Schematiq can cloud enable . Focus on delivering the best user experience​

Digital Network

Integrate with ease​

Schematiq  comes with Data connectors to the major data and cloud platforms enabling rapid clienst success​

London City

Global Reach​

Based in London, we  already work with clients  across the globe​

Partnership Benefits

Learning Community​

Structured role-based learning designed to create Schematiq experts​

Market Collaborations​

Our partner management spans all our sales , technology and industry experts​

Growth opportunity​

Access clients needing assistance with their transformation programmes​

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