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A complete vision for controlling, scaling and integrating Excel logic to the enterprise for an agile business.



An enterprise-ready platform for enhancing and managing mission-critical and high-value applications built in spreadsheets. 

Schematiq provides Excel users with powerful new data manipulation functions and integration capabilities that increase performance, remove data limitations, and significantly reduce spreadsheet complexity and operational risk. Schematiq requires no specialist developer knowledge and integrates natively with Excel in an environment familiar to spreadsheet users. 


The Schematiq platform functions as a powerful server, combined with our end-user components" Workbench, Workbook Manager and Portal which provide powerful new functionality and advanced capabilities to native Excel.


Central to this platform lies a cloud-based calculation engine that is fully Excel-compliant. This engine boasts advanced API endpoints, offering a comprehensive suite of functions to generate, manage, safeguard, and scale the execution of client APIs. These APIs, which can encompass anything from pricing models to rules engines, are directly derived from Excel workbooks. 

The Schematiq microservices and server are deployed in Docker containers for optimal integration, enabling seamless deployment into your corporate infrastructure. This flexible architecture allows hosting in different environments catering to various enterprise needs, including a clients' private AWS or Azure cloud, or on-premise. 

Schmatiq Architectre Diagram
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Workbench enhances Microsoft Excel by connecting it to the Schematiq calculation engine and server, bringing powerful new functions, features, and capabilities to the desktop. By handling the heavy lifting, Schematiq allows Excel to operate smoothly and effectively, enabling users to manage more extensive data sets without traditional limitations. 


Workbook Manager

Schematiq's Workbook Manager integrates DevOps capabilities into Excel, allowing spreadsheet management via enterprise Git repositories for accurate version control. It enables unit testing for critical spreadsheet logic and its API designer lets users create and deploy new APIs from spreadsheets to the secure, cloud hosted Schematiq server.




Schematiq Portal is a web-based application dashboard designed to facilitate managing, sharing, and analysing Excel data assets and APIs in a secure environment. It offers versatile functionality tailored to different user roles within a company. Administrators can leverage the Portal to manage users and Sites within an organisation efficiently. 

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