Using Schematiq Portal users are able to instantly publish data analytics developed in Schematiq Workbench as Reports or APIs for consumption across a number of devices including mobiles and tablets. The published assets remain connected to live data sources and consuming users are able to invoke reports without requiring access to or an understanding of the underlying complexity involved.

Share results securely using the Schematiq Portal to auto-create APIs and run interactive scenarios


Users are able to publish assets to the Microsoft Azure or On-Premise hosted Schematiq Portal. Users have the ability to define read-only or co-author consuming user privileges and they can also share reports directly using secure links that don’t require authenticated Portal accounts. Access to the reports can additionally be secured through the adoption of Multi-Factor Authentication and publishing users can decide if they want to expose the underlying Excel Worksheet use to generate the report with consuming users.


  • Published reports allow consuming users to enter values and execute data analytics without requiring access to the underlying Microsoft Excel Worksheet

  • Analytics can be published as live connected HTML reports that can be executed on mobile and tablet devices by consuming users

  • Publishing analytics as RESTful APIs allows users to expose insights to other BI tools such as Tableau, Qlik and PowerBI


Schematiq Portal allows data asset authors the ability to share access to live Schematiq reports and also the underlying spreadsheet from which they are generated. Collaborating users are able to download the spreadsheet, modify and republish with ease.


Schematiq Portal exposes data assets as HTML 5 responsive reports that can be visualised from any mobile device. Reports can also be exposed as JSON APIs allowing for integration into other visualisation components or alerting platforms.