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Boosting Excel's performance, removing data range and memory constraints.

Mac Desktop

What is Schematiq Workbench?

Schematiq Workbench, a desktop companion to Excel, efficiently alleviates data range and memory constraints. By handling the heavy lifting, it allows Excel to operate smoothly and effectively, enabling users to manage larger data sets without traditional limitations.

Connect to Data

Schematiq data-links (represented by diamonds) are unique Schematiq features allowing complex objects, like tables of data & database connections, to be held within a single cell. Here, there is a table of data selected, however the data-link could be a connection to a cloud instance of an SQL database, for example.

Workbench Screenshot

The Schematiq Viewer is a separate pane in Excel, which visualises the data held within the data-link. It allows users to interact with the data and even build formulas from it.

Data-links allow limitless data to be held within tables. Data can be easily joined and transformed, with calculations performed on a column basis, instead of row by row, reducing the risk of errors and improving performance.

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