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"Developing a data-driven, dynamic pricing engine took under a day in Schematiq, which would have taken months to implement in code".

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How does Schematiq help insurers?

Schematiq's platform enables insurers to adapt faster to rapidly changing market conditions, transforming underwriting and pricing through enhanced data and the conversion of Excel logic into APIs. 

Our platform capabilities

Schematiq understands the critical role that data plays in underwriting and pricing decisions for insurance companies. We empower insurers to enhance the power of spreadsheet models, enabling them to thrive in rapidly changing market conditions.  

Our innovative platform: 

  • empowers insurers to make better decisions with enhanced regulatory visibility and compliance, all whilst continuing to use Excel. 

  • allows teams to seamlessly access data and share trusted logic, enabling more informed decision-making, faster. 

  • supports greater commercial innovation by business users and faster time to market.

Insurers can quickly scale and integrate their Excel models with strategic systems and data sources, enhancing efficiency and accuracy and unlocking opportunities for growth. 

Case studies

Discover how our Insurance sector experience and innovative platform transforms how Insurers work with their spreadsheet-based pricing, actuarial and risk models. 

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