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Green Energy Turbines

Energy & Commodity Trading

"Creating a data-driven, precision trade pricing model in the Energy sector was achieved in under a day with Schematiq, a feat that could have taken months using conventional coding."

Electrical Engineer

How does Schematiq help?

Leveraging extensive experience in the energy sector, Schematiq offers data-driven solutions that enhance risk modelling and optimisation, improve insights, satisfy auditors, and reduce operational risk. The platform facilitates rapid integration of complex models with strategic trading and risk systems.

Our platform capabilities

Our deep experience of the Energy industry - and the power of Schematiq’s cloud platform for Excel - enables trade pricing accuracy, expanded analysis for valuable insights and better, faster, decisions.  


The platform can rapidly integrate complex model logic with strategic systems like Endur together with centralised data sources - unlocking the true potential of energy trading operations, data, and innovation.  

Schematiq empowers teams to effortlessly share data and trusted logic, facilitating collaboration, accelerating efficiency whilst reducing operational risk.


By integrating Excel models with strategic systems and data sources, we provide a solution that optimises insight, enables agility and drives success.


All of this is achieved without the time, risk and cost associated with re-coding spreadsheets to other platforms, and within a robust operational governance and control framework.

Case studies

Discover how our proficiency in the Energy sector, coupled with our innovative platform, can transform your spreadsheet-based trade pricing, data analysis, and governance, ensuring auditable control and operational risk reduction.

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