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Schematiq named as a Gov.UK Digital Marketplace Supplier

Schematiq selected as a supplier on G-Cloud 13

LONDON, DECEMBER 6th, 2022Schematiq Ltd, announces that it has been selected as a supplier on G-Cloud 13 by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS). The G-Cloud 13 Framework Agreement will enable Schematiq Ltd to provide the Schematiq Cloud Platform for Excel to Public Sector Organisations within the UK.

G-Cloud 13 allows UK government departments and public sector organisations to procure cloud services, including hosting, software, and cloud support. As a result, public-sector organisations can now gain access to the Schematiq Enterprise Platform for Excel. UK Government Departments heavily reliant on data rich and complex Excel data sheets for activities such as modelling, reporting, forecasting and reconciliation will be able to scale, accelerate, and simplify sheets to realise value faster. Schematiq will provide improved visibility and control of their EUC Excel estate and enable digital transformation by extracting logic & IP from Excel and moving to cloud-based APIs. Users will be able to rapidly innovate and share/integrate data and logic held in Excel with other systems.

“The Schematiq platform allows desktop Excel to run faster, without data and memory constraints and provides the facility to allow worksheets and functions to be controlled, governed, tested, run and shared in the cloud not only with other users within an organisation but as APIs available to call from any of their existing systems” explained Tim Taylor, Chief Product Officer, Schematiq.

“This allows features and data to be easily distributed with the precise knowledge of exactly what was distributed and to whom with an audit trail of who called what and when. There is no need to recode those critical Excel assets to integrate them with an enterprise system. Being Excel-based, users already have 80% of the knowledge to use the Schematiq platform and continue to maintain the assets using Excel, so avoiding costly migrations and re-training. And the platform runs on Azure or AWS private clouds or within a departments’ existing datacentre environment”

Schematiq’s platform consists of four components:

  • Schematiq Workbench runs alongside Excel on a user’s desktop which takes away all the heavy lifting from the Excel process allowing Excel to operate without data or memory constraints.

  • Schematiq Server – This cloud-based component provides the microservice-based framework for all the APIs used by the Workbook manager and Portal and serves up any APIs via a gateway that users define based on their Excel spreadsheets.

  • Schematiq Portal is a cloud-based component that is focused on the control and governance of the Schematiq platform. It allows a hierarchical project structure to be established and governance on which users or groups who have access to view run or change spreadsheet assets within that structure and to view the audit trail of all platform activity.

  • Schematiq Workbook Manager is a desktop component that allows users to access the version repository. It is initiated from Workbench and means that Excel Workbooks can be checked in and out by users. Version control is provided using the industry-standard GIT version control system, providing auditing of who changed what and when.

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About Schematiq Ltd

Born on the trading floors of investment banks, the Schematiq way of thinking is providing evolutionary solutions for banking, commodity trading, gaming, insurance, asset management and now the public sector. Our Enterprise software platform reduces complexity and incorporates the security, agility, scalability, and connectivity that organisations need for their Excel organisations models

Our team of analysts and engineers are passionate about seeing the outcome beyond the model, empowering the individuals that codify those models and strengthening the that rely upon them.

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