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Rapidly future-proof your financial processes - a Schematiq case study

case study: benefits of using schematiq in investment management

Schematiq removes the limitations of Excel, empowering business users (‘citizen developers’) to create connected, agile workbooks without the reliance on VBA or IT change requests. These models can be scaled by utilising Schematiq’s cloud-based platform, allowing models to be called as APIs, whilst in a controlled, secure environment.

Find out how a highly reputable London based investment management company and leader in its field met a new requirement to quickly and effectively develop a robust, accurate rebate calculation process without re-platforming their entire finance department’s modelling system.

Choosing Schematiq as a strategic solution provides a quick, cost-effective tool for users, enabling them to resolve the shortcomings in workbooks, and facilitates them to scale safely, without the need to hire developers. Download the full case study to see how Schematiq enabled:

  • Connectivity – utilising Schematiq’s functionality, the finance department could directly connect to data sources enabling them to load data directly into workbooks

  • Framework – robust data workflows were created, providing a framework to integrate the monthly and quarterly processes.

  • Control Data – quality checks were created, which allowed users to amend data in real-time.

  • Governance – monthly output files were saved, providing management with the ability to look at previous months data audit overrides and outputs.


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