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The Best Low-Code & No-Code App Builders and Platforms

Side view of a developer team discussing their low code app builder project with a tablet and paperwork

Building applications has never been easier, thanks to low-code and no-code app builders. These platforms enable anyone, from entrepreneurs to large enterprises, to create powerful apps without extensive coding knowledge. 

This article highlights the top low-code and no-code app builders, detailing their standout features and how they help businesses innovate and streamline their operations.

Low-Code App Builders


Appian stands out as a premier low-code app builder designed to accelerate business innovation. Their comprehensive platform allows users to create robust applications swiftly, integrating data, processes, and people into a unified workflow. Appian’s low-code solution enhances productivity and reduces development costs and time to market. 

With features such as visual design tools, AI capabilities, and seamless integration options, Appian ensures that businesses can adapt and scale efficiently. Recognized as a Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Leader, Appian’s low-code platform is a top choice for organizations aiming to drive digital transformation with agility and ease.

Appian low-code app builder logo


Nintex excels as a leading low-code app builder, empowering businesses to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Their platform offers intuitive drag-and-drop design tools, enabling users to quickly develop and deploy custom applications without extensive coding knowledge. Nintex’s low-code solution integrates seamlessly with existing systems, providing robust automation and process management capabilities. 

Focusing on accelerating digital transformation, Nintex helps organizations reduce development time and costs while improving operational agility. Nintex is a trusted partner for businesses looking to innovate and optimize their workflows effortlessly.

Nintex low-code app builder logo


Mendix is a top-tier, low-code app builder that revolutionizes how businesses create and deploy applications. Their platform offers a collaborative development environment, enabling professional developers and business users to contribute seamlessly. With Mendix, organizations can rapidly build, test, and iterate applications, significantly reducing time-to-market and development costs. 

The platform supports extensive integration capabilities, ensuring that apps connect with various systems and data sources. Mendix’s low-code solution is recognized for its scalability, flexibility, and ability to drive digital innovation. It is ideal for enterprises seeking to enhance their digital capabilities and streamline operations.

Mendix low-code app builder logo


The m-Power Development Platform combines low-code development, workflow automation, business intelligence, and reporting into one platform. The absence of user or application fees allows m-Power customers to deliver all types of applications across their entire business.

m-Power’s unique approach to low-code reduces development time by 80% without sacrificing flexibility. Its 4-step build process defaults to no-code for most applications but allows for low-code (or even full code) for complex projects.

m-Power’s open architecture is built to integrate with your current technology and work the way you work. It integrates easily with existing software and lets you customize applications to your specifications.

m-Power low-code app builder logo

UI Bakery

UI Bakery is a low-code platform that lets people create web applications and internal tools without needing to write code. It provides a user-friendly interface and its drag-and-drop features helps you design and build web pages easily. You can connect it to 50+ data sources, like databases and APIs, to manage and display data in your app.

UI Bakery also offers templates and over 100 ready-made components to speed up the building process. It's a helpful tool for developers and non-developers alike, allowing quick creation and customization of web applications to meet different needs and purposes.

UI Bakery low-code app builder logo

No-Code App Builders


Softr is a leading no-code app builder that empowers anyone to create powerful web applications without writing a single line of code. Their user-friendly platform offers pre-built templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Softr enables users to quickly turn their ideas into fully functional apps, integrating seamlessly with Airtable and other popular tools. 

With a strong focus on accessibility and simplicity, Softr makes app development accessible to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Recognized for its versatility and ease of use, Softr is an excellent choice for companies looking at technological innovations without the complexities of traditional coding.

Soft no-code app builder logo


Bubble is a pioneering no-code app builder that empowers users to design, develop, and launch fully functional web applications without any coding skills. Their platform features a comprehensive visual editor, allowing users to create intricate applications through simple drag-and-drop actions. 

Bubble’s no-code solution supports complex workflows, database management, and API integrations, making it versatile for various use cases, from startups to established enterprises. With its vibrant community and extensive learning resources, Bubble makes it easy for anyone to bring their digital ideas to life.

Bubble no-code app builder logo


Glide is an innovative no-code app builder that transforms spreadsheets into powerful mobile and web applications. Their platform allows users to create sleek, functional apps directly from their data using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Glide makes it easy to customize app design and functionality without any coding experience, making it accessible to many users. 

With real-time data syncing, robust templates, and seamless integrations, Glide empowers businesses and individuals to quickly develop and deploy applications that meet their unique and specific needs. Recognized for its simplicity and efficiency, Glide is a top choice for those looking to leverage their data and build apps effortlessly.

Glide no-code app builder logo

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