Why Schematic

Solution Architect

Integrate logic built by business users into enterprise systems to rapidly accelerate delivery times

Project Manger

Accelerate delivery of strategic systems, reduce delivery risk and improve quality of end-product


A step change in performance and capability without the need to learn a new platform or language

Risk Manager

Find and remediate enterprise risk caused by spreadsheet usage

  • Greatly reduce time taken to prepare, blend, join and analyse data

  • Build complex logic that is easy to share and understand using calculation templates

  • Improve decision making with powerful scenario running capabilities

  • Untangle complex linked multi-sheet processes with process improvement capabilities

Solution Architect
  • Use logic built in spreadsheets as scalable building blocks in systems, integrated using APIs

  • Enable enterprise data models by replacing static data in legacy processes with live data links

  • Implement development pipeline for spreadsheet processes, following continuous integration best practice, driven by fully API-supported deploy, test, run, and monitor capability

Risk Manager
  • Uncover risk hidden in shadow-IT: key-man dependencies, complex spreadsheets supporting

  • critical processes and uncontrolled business data

  • Plan and structure risk-reduction programmes in a fraction of the time it would take manually

  • Monitor usage and report KPIs with flexible dashboard designer

Project Manager
  • Accelerate delivery of strategic systems, integrate complex logic built in spreadsheets without needing to refactor

  • Use Schematiq to rapidly build business rules engines, tactical capabilities and data integrations

  • Use Excel to build prototypes, then seamlessly transition to production using Schematiq Server