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Our Schematiq Use Cases include:


Regulatory & Compliance

Pull together diverse data sources, apply business rules and share for automated on-demand reporting. Automatically identify and track limit breaks.

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Corporate Services

From invoicing to HR reporting, use Schematiq to make huge gains in processes often supported in highly manual spreadsheets.

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Cashflow Forecasting

Use templates to consolidate cash projections into a common, centralised data model where workflow can be managed and reports generated.

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ESG Reporting

Use Schematiq to connect and view industry reference data, then join to portfolio information to create instant, dynamic views on ESG.

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Easily automate the most complex of reconciliation processes using Schematiq’s powerful data manipulation functions. Report on trends to allow root-cause analysis.

Stock Market Data

Risk Modelling

Bring together trade data, reference data, market data and model risk in a familiar environment, scale calculations and integrate directly into systems.

Stock Exchange

Financial Reporting

With Schematiq, data can be imported and transformed automatically, and logic controlled to increase speed and accuracy of outputs. Push outputs directly to MI/BI dashboards.

Financial Report

Underwriting & Pricing

Model insurance pricing and underwriting rules in spreadsheets, connect to controlled reference data and transform into cloud applications to be able to offer complex portfolio products.


Claims Management

Quickly build rules engines in spreadsheets that can be converted into cloud-running functions that can be called to approve or reject claims.

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Model Performance

Schematiq boosts model performance by handling data processing and calculations more efficiently than Excel and allows models to be scaled in the cloud.


Loss Triangles

Loss triangles calculated in Excel can be slow due to the amount of data being handled. Schematiq handles big data with ease, and dedicated template functions speed calculation.


Fee Calculations

Complex products often feature complex fee structures, and are often calculated off-system. Schematiq allows automated calculation of fees based on logic defined in spreadsheets.

Financial District

Complex Asset Valuations

Bring new exotic financial products or complex physical trades to market quickly. Model contracts in spreadsheets, then control, scale and integrate with Schematiq.



Analysing customer behaviour, forecasting sales, managing costs, scheduling staff, resource tracking, any task typically managed in spreadsheets can be simplified, improved and automated.

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