Case Study

Excel provides traders with a flexible way to model trades, and create on-the-fly scenarios, but is not powerful enough to handle all the data in a modern trading environment - until now
The Problem
  • New portfolio modelling approach being implemented, requiring integration with trading, market data and optimisation systems 

  • Ease of use made Excel indispensable for traders, but calculations were slow and workbooks tortuous to use and maintain

  • New system needed to have transparent calculations, be user-friendly and have flexibility to add incremental further functionality

Our Solution
  • Schematiq allowed an integrated solution, seamlessly combining users' customised sheets, new models and controlled data sources

  • Used Excel as the interface, but with Schematiq doing the heavy-lifting of data manipulation and interfacing

  • Agile implementation, with short initial delivery expanded after proven success, and continued development as new deal types added

A woman sitting by her computer in a tra
Our Delivery Differentiators
  • Careful implementation: true agile approach, with demos available on a weekly basis

  • Flexible solution: old models were easily migrated and extended while new models were developed

  • For the first time traders were able to use strategic enterprise modeling and data capabilities within Excel

  • Proof-of-concept implemented within weeks, followed quickly by first live trial

  • Excel used as a complete trading solution, from valuation and pricing through to reporting and risk

  • Traders can work with structured deals directly in Excel, and risk managers see when and how spreadsheets change


"We’ve been really pleased with how well Schematiq is working for us – we are thrilled with its capabilities and how much time it saves us."