The easiest way to automate existing spreadsheet processes locally, on a spreadsheet or in the Cloud, with no reliance on running MS Excel.

  • Code-free automation – never write another line of VBA

  • Scalable and optimised – many times faster than Excel

  • Allow business users to create logic for robust scalable systems 

  • No more complex robotics syntax and interfaces

  • Drag-and-drop interface with flexible wizard to design automation

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Turn manual data prep into an automated process

  • Schematiq provides a brand new way to prepare and blend data from big data sources, allowing users to stay within a spreadsheet environment

  • Automate data prep processes by using our revolutionary calculation templates to design logic in Excel then apply to large datasets in databases, data warehouses or on the Cloud 

Automate entire spreadsheets

  • Schematiq can replicate the logic of an entire spreadsheet and allow you to run that anywhere you like

  • A simple web-based interface allows you to drag and drop an existing spreadsheet, define the key inputs and outputs and then run automatically, completely free of Excel itself

  • Use to easily create powerful web apps from existing business logic

Replace hard to maintain custom VBA

  • Schematiq functions provide all the functionality of VBA, but in a version-controlled, transparent and scalable way – no more need to step through code

  • Intuitive design means one Schematiq function can replace dozens of lines of code

How this has helped our clients

​Using Schematiq Automation has;

  • Allowed automated data retrieval, filtering and blending from multiple systems just by using new Excel formulas –  get live results delivered directly into existing spreadsheets

  • Enabled business users to complete automated reconciliations across different corporate systems (e.g CRM versus Delivery Systems) and view exceptions in Excel

  • Automated complex spreadsheet processes as part of robotic process improvement initiatives

  • Easily run thousands of scenarios through existing spreadsheets by using an API to access functionality

  • Automated testing of spreadsheets against known data set after changes

  • Created back-end to mobile and web apps using logic defined in spreadsheets

  • Automated legacy applications without needing to upgrade