Schematiq Workbench

Empower end-users with advanced data processing and connectivity

Schematiq Workbench delivers new data processing and analytic capabilities to Microsoft Excel users and addresses a number of Excel's limitations.


Schematiq Workbench allows users to connect to, and work with, data volumes far beyond the native capabilities of Microsoft Excel. By creating live links to data rather than relying on importing and exporting data extracts, Schematiq eliminates manual processes and data duplication.
  • Connect to live data sources such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, HPE Vertica, Amazon Redshift, RESTful APIs, Cloud & network files and much more

  • Native support for Twitter, FreeAgent and HPE Haven On Demand

  • No awkward configuration required - just enter login credentials and see the data in Excel


Schematiq Workbench is ideal for data analysts using Microsoft Excel. Existing Excel knowledge can be combined seamlessly with Schematiq to process complex and unwieldy data with ease. The interactive Viewer provides wizards and walkthroughs to get you started.
  • Clean up your workbooks: store entire data tables within a single Excel cell

  • Native processing for JSON, XML, HTML and CSV formats and more

  • Advanced text, date and regular expression functions


Schematiq Workbench enables users of Microsoft Excel to execute advanced real-time analytics at scale and without coding. Within an Excel environment that is familiar and intuitive, the Workbench empowers all users to base decisions on data instead of intuition. Coupled with the interactive Viewer, Workbench users can examine every detail at the same time as seeing the big picture.
  • Automatically create user-defined functions in Excel from worksheets or workbooks without using macros or uncontrolled VBA

  • Run scenarios, execute 'server-side' SQL queries or scale calculations easily, all with Schematiq running outside the Excel process

  • Use the Schematiq Extensibility Library to expose your bespoke analytics using C#, Python or other proprietary code