Schematiq Discovery

What is Schematiq Discovery?

Whilst some companies have invested heavily to replace end-user computing such as spreadsheets and implement strategic systems, many business-critical processes are still reliant on spreadsheets.
The complexity and lack of documentation of such spreadsheet processes means that they can be very expensive and time-consuming to replace.
Schematiq’s Discovery Capabilities help this process in several ways:
  • Rapidly map and analyse the most complex processes to create comprehensive ‘as-is’ documents.

  • Find the biggest opportunities for improvements by identifying the most manual processes and concentrations of complexity.

  • Machine learning algorithms analyse spreadsheet estates to find repeated functionality and how sheets have propagated across business.

Discover your biggest opportunities for process improvement

Find bottlenecks, identify hidden risks, uncover sensitive and personal data and optimise your spreadsheets with our Excel Discovery service. Explore every inch of your spreadsheet estate with the dynamic Discovery Dashboard