FreeAgent provides online administration and accounting software for small businesses. For users with a FreeAgent account, these Schematiq functions provide the ability to retrieve data directly from FreeAgent.

Schematiq will allow you to create live data links, custom reports and reconciliations from FreeAgent into Excel.

The Schematiq functions listed below largely mirror the functions available through the FreeAgent API (Application Programming Interface), which provides a mechanism for accessing FreeAgent data via a standard web request. Please see the API documentation for full details (click on a link below to be taken straight to the relevant page)


Summary of Functions

Minimum FreeAgent Access Level: Time

  • freeagent.Company lists the basic information about a company held by FreeAgent.


My Money

  • freeagent.Expenses provides a list of expenses.

  • freeagent.Categories returns the list of categories for the current company in four sets: Admin Expenses, Cost of Sales, Income and General

Contacts & Projects

  • freeagent.Contacts provides a list of contacts.

  • freeagent.Projects provides a list of projects.

  • freeagent.Tasks lists the tasks under a certain project.

  • freeagent.ContactNotes lists the notes associated with a contact.

  • freeagent.ProjectNotes lists the notes associated with a project.

  • freeagent.Connect connects to an OAuth 2.0-based FreeAgent data service provider. Once this connection has been established, the following functions may be available (depending upon the user's access level):

Estimates & Invoices

  • freeagent.Invoices lists all invoices associated with a FreeAgent account.

  • freeagent.RecurringInvoices provides a list of recurring invoices.

  • freeagent.Estimates lists a FreeAgent user's estimates.

  • freeagent.PriceListItems lists a the price list items defined in the FreeAgent account.

Bills & Banking

  • freeagent.Bills lists a FreeAgent user's bills.

  • freeagent.BankAccounts lists a FreeAgent user's bank accounts.

  • freeagent.BankTransactions lists all bank transactions under a certain bank account.

Tax & Limited Accounting

  • freeagent.Users lists the users associated with a FreeAgent account.

Note that some FreeAgent functions are restricted to users with certain privileges or permission levels; functions are listed below grouped by the minimum required permission level. Permission levels are incremental, and a list of the permission levels in order of increasing privilege is as follows:


  • Level 0: No access

  • Level 1: Time

  • Level 2: My Money

  • Level 3: Contacts & Projects

  • Level 4: Estimates & Invoices

  • Level 5: Bills

  • Level 6: Banking

  • Level 7: Tax & Limited Accounting

  • Level 8: Full

Some of the functions listed above return some columns of their result table as a list of FreeAgent "short IDs" for the retrieved items. A FreeAgent short ID comprises the FreeAgent element name and item ID separated by an underscore, for example 'project_123'. Whenever another Schematiq FreeAgent function takes as a parameter another FreeAgent element, for example for a project or contact, the value for the parameter must be a FreeAgent short ID. This facilitates passing the results of one FreeAgent call as the input values to another, while also ensuring that the IDs remain meaningful and are not confused with numbers.

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