The Schematiq Platform

Schematiq replaces spreadsheets with a scalable robust enterprise platform without requiring users to learn a new platform. Automatically extract logic created in spreadsheets then control, integrate and run on the cloud using Schematiq Server.
  • Rapidly identify opportunities for improving efficiency or reducing risk

  • Hugely accelerate analysis stage of spreadsheet remediation projects

  • Base decisions on data, identify actions and deliver value

  • Track actions, measure improvements and share progress and results



  • Quickly build models and processes in familiar Excel-based environment

  • Simplify complexity and share functionality using powerful templates

  • Migrate spreadsheet data to cloud to increase control and scalability

  • Eradicate issues caused by stale data and multiple versions



  • Drag-and-drop functionality turns a spreadsheet into a scalable cloud app

  • Integrate logic into strategic systems without need to re-write or re-platform

  • Extremely performant, fully scalable calculation engine powers any use case

  • Use to automate processes, run scenarios, control logic and share functionality



How Transformation with Schematiq Works


Start with a new or existing spreadsheet

Schematiq Workbench

Migrate any uncontrolled, static data to centralised cloud storage or connect to live data at source.


Simplify and optimise complex calculations using template features.


Drag-and-drop spreadsheet into cloud 

Schematiq Server

Logic and connections are extracted and compiled into an optimised cloud application, free to scale without limits.

Original Excel is locked as “source code”.

Integrate & Share

Connect systems via API or share live content with Excel


Use versioned spreadsheet with controlled access to data and logic

API Integrations

Integrate to downstream systems or use to drive custom Interfaces


The Schematiq Solution

  • A modelling and process execution platform, which uses an enhanced Excel environment for design

  • Automatic conversion to cloud applications gives limitless integration and scaling

  • Process mining tools to analyse spreadsheet usage, hugely simplifying transformation projects


Alternative ways to solve strategic spreadsheet problems

Companies that are over-dependent on spreadsheets have several options to increase capabilities or reduce risk. However, the choices traditionally involve a compromise between agility, scalability, cost and control.
Replace Spreadsheets and Reimplement Logic
  • Costs can be high to reimplement logic

  • Agility and speed-to-market for new capabilities can be reduced

  • Slower to adopt, users need to learn new platforms

  • New spreadsheets still being built, so problem can resurface

Keep Spreadsheets and Improve/Optimise
  • Limited amount of improvement possible

  • Automation can add layers of further complexity

  • Impossible to create reliable development & control process

  • Performance and scalability undermined by reliance on spreadsheets