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If unscalable, uncontrollable spreadsheet processes are causing your business pain, Schematiq is the quickest way to make rapid, lasting improvements without needing to re-platform.


  • Eliminate error-prone manual processes such as copying and pasting

  • Make rapid performance gains as Schematiq boosts native calculation engine

  • Reduce size and number of sheets by moving important data out of workbooks

  • Significantly simplify business logic by using our patent-pending template functions

  • Standardise processes by creating multi-user templates with ability to automatically push updates to everyone at once

  • No more multiple versions of the same file

Connect Directly to Your Data 

  • Schematiq allows you to connect directly to your data, wherever it is, generate a preview, then just download the results you need


  • Vastly increase your processing power as you can filter, join and blend data on demand in a dedicated stand-alone process rather than burdening Excel


  • This allows the size of spreadsheets to reduce drastically, improving performance and  allowing manual copying and pasting to become a thing of the past

Simplify Logic & Streamline

  • Schematiq introduces powerful new functionality into Excel, vastly simplifying how big data sets are managed and manipulated


  • Create simple templates that capture important business rules and calculations, then apply to data


  • Reduce risk, as templates are held in a single secure and version-controlled location, rather than having logic spread throughout multiple complex sheets. 

Control Using Templates

  • Reduce waste by eliminating the problem of multiple copies of the same spreadsheets being in use


  • Allow multiple users to work simultaneously on the same version, and create an auditable history


  • Create a single master of important sheets, and push updates to all users when the master is changed


  • Adopt a best-practice develop/test/deploy process for your important business processes 

How this has helped our clients

  • Traders are able to connect directly to trading systems, risk models and market data to perform intraday analysis and model trades

  • Reference data can be reconciled and update reference data saved across multiple systems

  • Complex deal pricing was standardised for energy contracts for a sales team

  • Performed financial reconciliations on quantities of data far too big for native Excel to handle, without needing to re-platform

  • Completed complex cash-flow forecasting process involving multiple teams simplified and standardised - time to complete reduced from months to days

  • Audit, control and scalability brought to invoice processing