Schematiq helps bring down the barriers to strategic transformation where complex spreadsheets processes are blocking the way.

  • Easily migrate spreadsheet data to databases or the Cloud

  • ​Bring processes under control by simplifying and formalising business logic

  • ​Move reporting to preferred BI solution

  • Reduce need for refactoring of sheets by automating

  • Use Schematiq Discovery to find out where existing data and process complexity lie

Move data from spreadsheets to databases or the Cloud

  • Migrate the core data used in spreadsheet processes to the Cloud with minimal impact to existing processes using our patent-pending data-link technology

  • ​Specific data needed (e.g. that day’s data) can then be resurfaced into spreadsheets in the required format, but now is mastered and archived in a single secure, auditable location

Migrate business logic to your preferred modelling platform

  • Move critical business logic out of spreadsheets into scalable, controlled libraries using either Schematiq’s native template repository or popular business-focused languages such as Python

  • This logic can then be invoked either as part of an automated process or accessed and tested via Excel using the Schematiq Excel add-in

Move reporting to dedicated BI tool such as Power BI

  • Once data has been moved out of spreadsheets and into a formal data store, it makes it easy to lay your preferred business reporting solution over the top

  • Power BI, Tableau, and QlikView are common integrations that have been used

How this has helped our clients

  • Excel Upgrade projects become easy as Schematiq can help discover complexity, automate testing and fix sheets that fail to function on upgrade

  • ​Schematiq Migration provides the quickest way to gain control over critical data being stored in spreadsheets, without having to completely re-engineer processes​

  • Process of removing data brings step-change in performance as the size of files reduces drastically and enables use of dedicated BI solutions

  • ​Excel becomes a thin client – managing links to data and models, allowing testing and development but not mastering either data or business logic

  • ​Once logic and data is removed from Excel our clients are then free to platform according to strategic priorities

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