Using the Schematiq Discovery service, Legal & General were able to use Data links to move data to controlled stores such as databases or cloud, systematically reducing risk across the business.

The Problem

  • Rigid legacy systems had not kept up with evolving business requirements across whole group​

  • Around 500,000 spreadsheets existed around the business supporting all aspects of business creating high operational risk and lack of scalability​

  • Existing project to reduce spreadsheet risk had no idea of scale of problem, or where to start​

Our Solution

  • Schematiq Discovery scanned, analysed and reported on 500,000 files in a few days​

  • L&G used Schematiqto detail current state issues and track improvement over time​

  • This enabled rapid audit of GDPR compliance by identifying any sensitive personal data items across entire spreadsheet estate​

Our Delivery Differentiators

  • Analysis with SchematiqDiscovery allows the development of a strategic plan for remediating spreadsheet issues​

  • We focus on the largest problems first and track improvement over time​

  • Auto-analysis focuses on potential business issues caused by spreadsheets at a process level rather than individual files​


  • L&G were able to structure projects to systematically resolve spreadsheet risks​

  • HTI assisted with pilot projects to rapidly create robust, scalable, compliant processes enabling business to scale​

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