With a highly manual Excel-based architecture using legacy technology, Gazprom were unable to automate, scale or speed up their processes. Enter Schematiq...

The Problem

  • Rigid legacy systems had spawned complex, time-consuming, Excel-based procedures that were unable to scale

  • Reconciliation processes were at breaking point owing to very large amounts of data being handled in Excel

  • Delivery of value was urgent to relieve over-stretched resources

Our Solution

  • Focus on business value of processes (rather than technology directly)

  • Identify biggest opportunities for improvement based on current time taken

  • Automate existing data flows, improve version control, scale performance and reduce common errors

Our Delivery Differentiators

  • Schematiq Workbench allows incremental improvement to existing processes, tackling highest priorities first

  • Spreadsheets can be transformed to enterprise-quality applications without needing to migrate to a new system or platform

  • Using existing technology reduces risk and is proven to improve user adoption


  • Automation of process reduced time from 3-4 days to 1-2 hours (saving 40 wd/year)

  • Changes were implemented in under a week

  • Project served as basis for further improvement using Schematiq, saving a further 100 wd/year within six months

Focus on delivering value - a workshop redefining the business process is often how we start. This helps to:

  • Identify core value in processes

  • Design solutions that rapidly deliver benefits

  • Minimise business impact

In a matter of days we can have solutions up and running which will transform the way you work, by:

  • Relieving workload on sluggish workbooks

  • Automating data gathering and updates

  • Creating a control framework for improvements

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