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Find bottlenecks, uncover hidden risks and optimise your spreadsheets with our Schematiq Discovery Health Check. Run as a fixed-price, stand-alone service.

  • Automated scanning rapidly identifies spreadsheet hotspots and finds the most complex, high risk processes and automation opportunities​

  • We report over 50 measures of complexity, and summarise to allow informed decisions about where to focus improvement efforts for highest gain ​

  • Advanced pattern matching finds sensitive data including email addresses, customer names, telephone numbers and banking details which can support regulations such as GDPR​

  • Rapidly map Excel processes to understand the pressure points and areas of highest risk



Hassle-free MSI installation on machine with access to folders to scan


Scan & analysis of sheets - complete in around 30 mins per 10k sheets


Interactive browser-based dashboard for analysis of results


Our Excel experts can help interpret results and suggest remediation plans


Risk reduction and process improvement steps are recommended

The spreadsheet jungle doesn't need to be so wild

Our Summary Report gives you the key metrics so you can make measurable improvements

How this has helped our clients

With Schematiq Discovery Health Check, we have:

  • Scanned, analysed and recorded 500,000 sheets in days to find scale of personal data being held in spreadsheets prior to GDPR regulation go-live

  • Quantified risks caused by spreadsheets in order to build business case to invest before a serious incident occurred

  • Uncovered previously unknown key-person risks through discovery of hidden webs of shadow IT

  • Analysed which systems are not fit for purpose across entire business by using spreadsheet usage data as an indicator of functional gaps

  • Efficiency improvements through discovery of widespread repetitive manual processes 

  • Identified highest complexity sheets that needed to be tested prior to an Excel version upgrade