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Case Study

Using the Schematiq Discovery service, Axis were able to rapidly complete a complex company-wide Excel upgrade programme with minimal impact on stakeholders

The Problem

  • Excel 2007 nearing end-of-life support
  • Huge number of spreadsheets in recent use (nearly 30,000)
  • Client had experienced serious problems on previous upgrade attempt
  • Very short amount of time to identify all business-critical spreadsheets and remediate to enable successful migration

Our Solution

  • Use Schematiq to scan entire Excel estate and identify high risk spreadsheets
  • Confirm business-critical processes with stakeholders
  • Prioritise remediation by risk-level
  • Deliver targeted solutions with minimal impact to users

Our Delivery Differentiators

  • Using Schematiq to perform Risk analysis greatly reduces time needed from stakeholders
  • Risk assessment is based on data, not opinions
  • Schematiq Workbench can control and supercharge non-performant spreadsheets which cause biggest risk


  • Of 20,000 spreadsheets, around 300 were classified as medium or high risk
  • Full analysis and remediation plan rapidly completed within 4 weeks to enable upgrade
  • Significant process improvement opportunities identified, transforming core processing time from hours to seconds

"Without Schematiq the project would have taken months, and we would still not have had the same confidence in the outcome"

Project Manager