Case Studies

We rapidly solve your difficult spreadsheet problems. Here are some we solved already.


Excel Discovery - 2007 Migration

Using the Schematiq Discovery service, Novae were able to rapidly complete a complex company-wide Excel upgrade programme with minimal impact on stakeholders.

Operational Excellence - EUC Remediation

With a highly manual Excel-based architecture using legacy technology, Gazprom were unable to automate, scale or speed up their processes. Enter Schematiq...

Risk Management in Trading

Excel provides traders with a flexible way to model trades, and create on-the-fly scenarios, but is not powerful enough to handle all the data in a modern trading environment - until now..

Healthcare Client Thrilled by Schematiq

See what we've done to elicit this phenomenal feedback;  "We’ve been really pleased with how well Schematiq is working for us – we are thrilled with its capabilities and how much time it saves us."