Govern your spreadsheets with Schematiq's Asset Manager to improve control and collaboration

Schematiq Asset Manager provides governance capabilities for managing key data assets and oversight on the use of self service data analytics. Informed senior managers are able to monitor usage and balance the needs of maintaining business controls with enabling user agility and productivity.


Schematiq Asset Manager delivers revision control capabilities to user developed data assets. Users are able to publish assets to a centrally managed repository, revert to previous versions and receive update notifications for changes. Through the use of automated testing, potential issues or dependencies caused by new changes are identified early.


  • Schematiq uses state of the art software configuration management practices for governance of key assets

  • Users are able to design, publish and revert changes with automatic updates to their Schematiq enabled Excel spreadsheets

  • Automated testing of pending changes identifies issues early


Schematiq Asset Manager give specified users the ability to grant access to the central asset repository and manage granular permissions appropriate to user roles. Centrally storing user defined assets within the Schematiq Asset Manager allows for archiving and backups to ensure business continuity.


  • Users are provided with credentials to secure access to the Asset Manager Repository

  • Power users and senior managers can define appropriate permissions for key assets in the repository based on user roles

  • User generated key assets stored in the repository can be centrally archived and backed up


Schematiq Workbench and API usage can be centrally monitored to understand how agile capabilities are being used across the organisation. Senior managers are able to identify areas where out of date analytics are being used and suggest optimizations and improvements to users.


  • Monitor and generate reports on Schematiq Workbench and API usage

  • Determine the version of key data asset in use across the entire use base

  • Observe user performance and isolate opportunities for optimization

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