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Evolution not Revolution

Schematiq complements rather than replaces Excel. 80% of the knowledge needed for a Schematiq transformation is already in your organisation.

Schematiq consulting services offer a “light touch” approach that is efficient, empowering and delivers enduring results.

With you

Together we Empower You

Adopting the Schematiq platform to secure, turbo-charge and organise your Excel estate begins with our team working with you to understand your “as is” Excel state.

  • Together we identify opportunities for improving your Excel based business models.
  • Together we deliver initial value and remove risk.
  • Together we effect rapid knowledge transfer of the Schematiq way of thinking and working.

Empowered, your internal team progress to incrementally deliver results securing, organising, de-risking and radically improving your modelling and decision-making environment.

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