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Excel is over 30 years old, but remains one of the most widely used, most powerful and important software applications of all time. However, increasingly severe problems are surfacing that create risk and inefficiency in today's businesses.

Complexity of Formula and Data Navigation

Excel's unstructured format makes it difficult to lay out complex calculations with a flow of logic thats easy to understand and validate. Days can be spent unpicking important functionality when something goes wrong. Even worse, mistakes are not spotted at all, as seen in many high profile cases: a loss of $2bn, a $400m overvaluation and 10,000 missing tickets.

Low Efficiency and High Operational Risk

When source data changes, with Excel, you typically need to repeat each step of data preparation. This could mean copying and pasting data, adjusting formulas, lengths of columns and tables to ensure the new data fits. All this consumes a huge amount of non-value adding time and increases the risk of an unseen error.

Inability to Collaborate, Control and Test

Its easy to develop functionality in a spreadsheet so users often embark on developing their own solutions when something similar already exists. This means duplicated effort and inconsistencies. Similarly, if an error is found in a spreadsheet that has been shared widely, it is impossible to track all instances of it and make the corrections.

Connecting to and Handling Large Data Sets

Although Excel can now support over 1m lines of data per sheet, the performance can still suffer when complex calculations are applied on a small fraction of those.
Compounding the problem, there is little to no guidance or on how to optimise formulas or where particular performance issues exist within a sheet.

We recognize Excel's strengths:

Excel is in many people's comfort zone for a reason, it is the tool they want to use. That means many organisations completely rely on Excel spreadsheets and they remain a critical part of the information and decision-making framework.


Excel has become commonplace because it can address pretty much any analytical, reporting or data management problem that you can throw at it. No formal coding knowledge is needed thanks to its instinctive interface.

Availability and Familiarity

Excel's huge popularity makes for a self-fulfilling cycle. People are familiar and comfortable with it, and they know if the share something in Excel, the chances are the recipient will be too.

Low risk solution for new functionality

For new functionality it is common to start with or at least prototype in Excel, it delivers new functionality quickly and powerfully. The problem is, sometimes the Excel version stays around for far longer than intended.

Transparency of Calculations

One key factor to Excel's success is the transparency of calculation, allowing users to see the effect of numbers changing throughout the spreadsheet. This is an important principle that Schematiq always adheres to.

Schematiq provides the solutions:

Create Live 'Data-Links' 

With Schematiq, data is always pulled from source as a live Data-Link so that if the data changes your spreadsheet changes and analysis will always be up-to-date. Connectors include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, Haven OnDemand, Twitter, web pages, and many other file types. Additionally Schematiq can be rapidly extended to any other data sources you may have in your business.


Enhance Analysis 

Schematiq allows you to validate, transform and perform calculations on an entire data set in a single cell rather than copying and pasting down whole columns. This really unblocks the data limitations present in Excel whilst simultaneously reducing the size of sheets. Schematiq also allows you to see the result of each step of the transformation directly within the sheet, just like Excel.

Introduce Control

The Asset Manager provides a central repository for all your business-critical spreadsheets where they can then be version controlled, updates audited and then pushed to users when necessary. With our Data-Link innovation, spreadsheets can also be broken down into multiple functional templates and shared where people need specific functionality.

Share via the Web, Mobile or API

The Schematiq portal allows you to share the output of your spreadsheet with whoever you like via a fully mobile compatible web portal or through an API.
However, to keep transparency we still preserve the full calculation allowing users to drill-down to the raw data by downloading a copy of the spreadsheet showing all the original calculations.

Work faster and better

Multiple innovations with Excel familiarity

Schematiq is completely integrated into everything you do in Excel. There's no need to move in and out of your spreadsheet. The core of Schematiq, the Workbench, is empowered by a series of brand-new functions that blend seamlessly into existing workbooks.


Work faster and better

Schematiq runs outside excel as a parallel service taking the burden of data calculation and leaving Excel to concentrate on what it does best. Your Excel sessions will run quicker and crash less, helping you to get more done. 


Showing every detail keeps you in control

When the truth is buried in the data, you want to drill down to extract and analyse the nugget of knowledge you're looking for. The Schematiq Viewer is a dockable window that shows the detail of every cell, calculation or data structure. You can see the whole solution and every detail at the same time.

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