Schematiq for Insurance

Pricing Optimisation


Schematiq transforms pricing optimisation with its unique ability to access larger, more detailed data sources, perform the most complex calculations and interface to 3rd party visualisation platforms such as Tableau or Qlik in real time.


The offloading of calculations to external computing resources can improve performance and stability, while custom connectors reduce manual data entry; streamlining for efficiency and removing error.


Complex Risk Scenarios and What-if Analysis

Schematiq places powerful analytic capabilities into the hands of business users via Excel, enabling risk actuaries and analysts to execute advanced scenarios to drive better decision making to more accurately price risks.


Leveraging Schematiq to stress-test existing spreadsheet models, modellers can even convert spreadsheets into functions that can be deployed on powerful servers or cloud resources, hugely increasing performance and reducing manual re-runs.


Spreadsheet Auditing and Governance

Schematiq's versioning and spreadsheet management capabilities overcome the challenges associated with sprawling, interconnected spreadsheets and help to meet the governance and regulatory reporting requirements for UK GAAP, IFRS and Solvency II.


With Schematiq you can build an inventory of spreadsheet usage in your organisation and understand user behaviour. then control and release changes with confidence using Schematiq's workflow and automated regression testing capabilities.

Solve the Top 4 Excel Challenges for Insurance Firms


Download our Solution Brief to learn how Schematiq provides the solution to the following challenges ofusing Excel in the enterprise:

  • Reduce error-prone manual processes
  • Eliminate spreadsheet complexity
  • Allow users to collaborate effectively
  • Provides users increased processing power and access to data


Download the Solution Brief