Schematiq for Trading Environments

Complex Pricing and Computing

Schematiq transforms pricing with its unique ability to access the largest data sources, perform the most complex calculations and interface to 3rd party BI platforms in real time.


The offloading of calculations to external computing sources improves pricing performance and stability, while custom connectors reduce manual data entry; streamlining for efficiency and removing error.



Scenario and Trade What-if Analysis

Schematiq places powerful analytic capabilities into the hands of business users via Excel, analysts can execute advanced scenarios to drive better decision making and regain the competitive edge.


Schematiq provides the ability to stress-test existing spreadsheet models, users are able to convert spreadsheets into functions that can be deployed to powerful servers or the cloud, increasing performance and reducing manual re-runs.

Spreadsheet Auditing and Governance

Schematiq’s versioning and spreadsheet management capabilities overcome the challenges associated with sprawling spreadsheets and satisfying financial regulatory directives.


Build an inventory of spreadsheet usage in the enterprise and understand user behavior. Control and release changes with confidence using Schematiq's workflow and automated regression testing capabilities for spreadsheets.



Spreadsheet Stability and Performance

Schematiq addresses the common Excel challenges of instability and speed, allowing users to handle extremely large data sets and complex calculations within a single cell, and offloading memory heavy process outside of Excel.


Schematiq’s library of functions allows users to work on whole blocks of data in one calculation rather than having to apply formulas to each row separately, reducing both complexity and errors.

Strategic Risk and Pricing Services

For organisations wishing to undertake re-engineering initiatives of their risk and pricing technology, Schematiq can act as an accelerator, exposing these strategic services to Excel and ad-hoc analysis use cases.


With out-of-the-box connectors to the commonly used platforms and file formats such as JSON, XML and CSV, and custom connectors to in-house systems available.

Ad-hoc Reporting, Aggregation and Reconciliation

Schematiq functions and connectors transform users’ productivity when working with new data sources and building reports.


Asset Manager enables the development of core templates for data retrieval that can support ad-hoc reporting requests, and can be saved and re-run seamlessly, eliminating time consuming manual processes.