Discover your biggest opportunities for process improvement

Find bottlenecks, uncover hidden risks and optimise your spreadsheets with our Excel Discovery service

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The spreadsheet jungle doesn't need to be so wild

Our Summary Report gives you the key metrics so you can make measurable improvements

Drill deeper into your data and leave no stone unturned

Explore every inch of your spreadsheet estate with the dynamic Discovery Dashboard

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The five steps to better spreadsheets


Hassle-free MSI install on machine with access to folders to scan

Scan & Analyse

Scan & analysis of sheets - complete in around 30 mins per 10k sheets


Interactive browser-based dashboard for analysis of results


Our Excel experts analyse results and interview selected stakeholders


Recommended risk reduction and process improvement steps

Identify Your Spreadsheet Data Risks in 1 Week.  Get Started Now!

Value delivered

Rapidly Improve Efficiency

Use our automation tools to supercharge your spreadsheets and eliminate risky manual Excel processes 

Discover Sensitive Data

Identify confidential customer data stored in spreadsheets to ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR 

Migrate to Strategic Systems

Rank your slowest, most bloated spreadsheets and move to strategic databases with scaled calculations 

Manage Spreadsheet Workflow

Prioritise and track actions for spreadsheets needing remediation and measure incremental improvements 

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