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Project: Excel Discovery - 2007 Migration 

The Problem

  • Excel 2007 nearing end-of-life support
  • Huge number of spreadsheets in recent use (nearly 30,000)
  • Client had experienced serious problems on previous upgrade attempt
  • Very short amount of time to identify all business-critical spreadsheets and remediate to enable successful migration

Our Solution

  • Use Schematiq to scan entire Excel estate and identify high risk spreadsheets

  • Confirm business-critical processes with stakeholders

  • Prioritise remediation by risk-level

  • Deliver targeted solutions with minimal impact to users

Our Delivery Differentiators

  • Using Schematiq to perform Risk analysis greatly reduces time needed from stakeholders

  • Risk assessment is based on data, not opinions

  • Schematiq Workbench can control and supercharge non-performant spreadsheets which cause biggest risk


  • Of 20,000 spreadsheets, around 300 were classified as medium or high risk

  • Full analysis and remediation plan rapidly completed within 4 weeks to enable upgrade

  • Significant process improvement opportunities identified, transforming core processing time from hours to seconds

Novae Spreadsheet Galaxy

Visual of every sheet modified in the last 9 months:

  • Instant risk assessment highlights the focus areas for upgrade work
  • Highly interconnected sheets posing a large risk for upgrade are quickly identified by Schematiq
Novae Dashboard

Dashboard provides a summary view of project progress to stakeholders and can be used to manage workflow:

  • View highest risk sheets - and drill down into detail
  • Web-based interface with intuitive controls
  • Easily manage workflow of project