Microsoft Excel and BCBS 239 – 7 Steps to transform your End User Compute (EUC) capability

March 01, 2017 | Darren Harris
September 15th 2008, the day that Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. filed for Chapter 11bankruptcy protection was another significant milestone in the global financial crisis that began in 2007. For those of us working at Credit Suisse during this entire period, fire drills [urgent business requests] were an hourly occurrence as we fought to respond to ad-hoc requests from the business in the face of swinging markets and creaking models (negative interest rates anyone?). Read More

Data Links, Viewer and a little bit of Magic brought to Microsoft Excel.

September 29, 2016 | Darren Harris
When introducing the Workbench to someone for the first time, we typically start by explaining two innovations that we’ve introduced into Excel called ‘Data Links’ and the ‘Viewer’. Grasping these concepts is..key to understanding the technology underpinning Schematiq and how it delivers new capabilities to users of Microsoft Excel. Read More


July 05, 2016 | Jonathan Glass
A couple of weeks ago, two of us attended “csv,conf”, a two-day conference dedicated to all things CSV-related, as well as the wider ethos embodied by data formats that are easy to share and easy for humans, as well as computers, to work with.  Read More

Too Many Grades!

April 15, 2016 | Kevin Crooks
How long is a piece of string? Have you ever heard that question? A common answer is “twice as long as from one end to the middle”, but perhaps an overlooked response is “according to which unit of measurement?”.  Read More

Rabbits, Fibonacci & Schematiq

February 03, 2016 | Kevin Crooks
What do breeding rabbits and Schematiq have in common? I hear you ask, or maybe you didn’t. Read More

An Example Of How Schematiq Makes Things Easy

March 07, 2015 | Kevin Sinclair
Here’s a little example of Schematiq’s amazing power to distil a spreadsheet into a few cells whilst still making the details easy to see. Let’s suppose I want to have a little widget in my spreadsheet that tells me who my favourite baseball team are playing that night, and whether it’s a day or night game.  Read More

Excel bites: How to find links

February 26, 2015 | Kevin Sinclair
So have a guess who my favourite person in the world is. Nope, not Sergio Aguero. Not Danny Macaskill. Not even Harrison Ford. Actually, it’s Bill Manville. You don’t know who he is? Fair enough, no reason why you should. But he’s my hero because he wrote the second-best thing I ever saw on the internet. Read More

Excel Bites – Self-Sizing Validation Lists

October 02, 2014 | Admin
Excel Bites is an occasional column devoted to useful and simple tricks and techniques that as an Excel user you might well have seen before, but if not you really ought to hear about. Read More